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We offer professional grooming for all breeds from puppy to senior age dogs (and cats, too). Pamper your pet with a “Spaw” bath and a fresh cut. Grooming prices vary according to breed, size of dog, coat type, etc. For pricing information or to make an appointment with a professional groomer please call our shop at (252)-773-4493. 




Grooming Extras 


Nail Trim/Dremel: $15.00

Blueberry Facial: $5.00 

Ear Cleaning: $5.00 

Flea and Tick Plus: $20.00 

Pad Balm: $5.00 

Tooth brushing: $5.00 

Glands: $10.00

Sanitary Trim: $10.00

Pad Trim: $10.00

Face Trim: $15.00

Paw Trim: $10.00

Ear Plucking: $5.00

Deshedding: $20.00

Brush - Out: $20.00/30 minutes

Dematting: $1.00/minute


  • Hand Stripping $55/hr

  • Specialty Cut/Scissoring $55/hr

  • Nail Polish $8.00

  • Color Accents $12.50+

Our amazing groomer Erica is a Certified Pet Stylist with 4 years experience!

Our tails are waggin' and our pets are braggin'

Brandi is the owner of ShamPooches 

Amber is a groomer in Carteret County with 10 years of pet grooming experience


Give us a call for a Groom!

(252) 773-4493

Matted Dogs

Dogs that come in matted will be charged an additional rate for extra time spent either de-matting or shaving.  You will be notified whether on drop off or by a phone call if this may be the case.


Difficult, Aggressive, or Elderly Dogs

Dogs that are Difficult, Aggressive, or Elderly may require extra staff or time to groom them in a safe manner.  If this is the case, you will be charged a handling fee for the extra time needed.  

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