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You Wash

You wash your dog! We provide a selection of top of the line shampoos and conditioners for you to use as well as a variety of brushes and combs, towels, and pet-safe driers. Our friendly staff is always on hand to answer any questions you may have and offer assistance if needed. 







Time limit for a You Wash is 60 Minutes (each additional 2 minutes is $2.00) 


Want to add a service not included in your selected package? These services can be added to any You wash; We Wash or Grooming package. 



10 lbs. or Less: $20

11-40 lbs.: $23

41-70 lbs.: $26

71-100 lbs. and Over: $29.00 

Nail Trim/Dremel: $15.00

Blueberry Facial: $5.00 

Ear Cleaning: $5.00 

Flea and Tick Plus: $20.00 

Pad Balm: $5.00 

Tooth brushing: $5.00 

Glands: $10.00

Sanitary Trim: $10.00

Pad Trim: $10.00

Face Trim: $15.00

Paw Trim: $10.00

Ear Plucking: $5.00

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